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We only use plant-based natural fibres such as linen, hemp, raw cotton and organic cotton. It is very important to balance our interest in clothing with conscious consumption, an awareness of materials and their environmental impacts. We aim to lessen our impact on this beautiful earth by using plant-based natural fibre. Also we are pushing for zero plastic by using cotton bags for packing and paper craft bags for the delivery. We can promise there is no plastic usage in any stage from our production process to having it delivered to you. 


We believe in patient production. This belief was conceived out of apposing the current state of "fast fashion". Our process is slow with range releases of small numbers happening on a need to develop basis rather than the standard two ranges a year model. In Bali things don't move so fast and this suits us fine, as we enjoy spending time in the detailing and letting pieces develop organically as we find the end product is much more satisfying this way.    


All our garments are handmade by a beautiful balinese family, Gusti and wife Made in their home studio near Canggu, Bali. This style of creating means each piece is carefully produced one by one rather than mass production. We hope to grow as a label and in turn support Gusti and Made further and continue to grow our relationship more in a family direction.



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