About us

Welcome to the world of moran. 

I am Jin, the creator of moran.
I would love to share a little bit of story of myself and moran :) So you have a little idea where moran is all coming from. 


I grow up in a very strict family, my parents wanted me to study hard, go to good uni, get a good job and get married to a good man. That's it. The typical Korean family ( I think my family was so extreme though! ) But I did not want that kind of life, didn't know what I want in my life back then yet but I knew that was not something I wanted to fit in. I remember I always dreamed about being a super cool, effortless, natural girl who lives a life what's given and decided to take that path. 


I came to Australia for the first time holding a working holiday visa and spent a year and a bit in Gold Coast. I got fascinated by the coastal lifestyle and laid back culture. It was the first time I got to try surfing. Coming back to Seoul was hard, I experienced crazy home sick (?) for Australia. So, as soon as finishing my uni ( I studied Industrial Design and Safety Engineering ), I came back to Aus. 
This time, I choose Sydney. I heard this little surf town "Manly" in Northern beaches. Okay, that's where I go! I packed my whole life into a couple of baggages and left Seoul since then.


I really started embracing my love of surfing and ocean in Manly. I was out surfing hours and hours back then! Manly was full of opportunities for me, I'm still thankful for what I've taken in and can call it a second home. I was going to collage and working at a surf shop in Freshwater and being a barista at all over the places, also teaching piano to kids! What a busy life! But surprisingly I was able to manage my own time in the ocean and be calm. 
Since I was living in Australia, everyone was talking about Bali. Bali for me was just another South east asian country for honeymoons and stuff, that's all I knew before. But it just grew in me specially because of surfing and I had to go explore!!


Bali was a shock ( in a good way ). The strong culture and amazing amazing waves haunted me straight away. Since then, I couldn't stop coming back here. All I was thinking about was that I needed to save some money and came to Bali! So I did it. 

I "officially" moved to Bali in 2017. moran started here in Bali in 2019. I wanted to mix those culture that I experienced (still experiencing).  moran is not one of those fashion brands, moran is not fashion. It's how I see the world. It is a lifestyle. 


Moran is a name of flower in Korean. This flower appears a lot in Korean traditional paintings. It is a full and rich flower that gives you the most amazing smell. The flower moran symbolizs for honor, wealth and aristocracy as well as love, affection and feminine beauty. I would love everyone who visits and loves moran keep these in mind and lives the life towards it. Everyone has their own way, I want you to find it like I am to myself. 


As a love of ocean and nature, I would like to contribute to the way that doesn't hurt our mother nature and explore my way in moran. Please take your time to read other pages as well - Production, Material and Care




Thank you so much for reading this long journey.
Hope i see you in moran 


If you have any inquires,